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SIT-systems . Pile Integrity Testing Developments 2011
. Detection limits of Sonic Integrity Testing


. Mogelijkheden en limieten van het sonisch doormeten van funderingspalen 1999
. Paalschachtcontrole m.b.v. spanningsgolven 1996
. Invloed van slagkracht op (...) het IT-meetsignaal 1998
. Neuentwicklungen bei den Pfahlprüfmethoden in den Niederlanden 2001
IS-system Profound’s IS-liquid levelling system installed in New York City. (29 kB) 2007
BAT-system . Proefcampagne Oosterweelverbinding in Antwerpen 2015
Geotechnical monitoring of a trial pit excavation toward the Boom clay in Antwerp (Belgium)
. Grondwatermetingen met het BAT-systeem 1999
. Ground water monitoring with the BAT-system (translation)
. Observations on Statnamic pile testing 2005/2006
. The advantages and disadvantages of dynamic load testing and statnamic load testing 2000
. Statnamic, the engineering of art 2000
. Statnamic Load Testing Using Water as Reaction Mass 2000
. When to apply Dynamic Load Testing and Statnamic Testing 1998
. Case History of Cyclic Statnamic Testing in the Netherlands 1998
. Pseudo Static Load Testing 1997
. The Choice between HSDT and RLT: Selection Criteria for Concrete Pile Testing (2 MB) 2006
. The Influence of Stress Wave Phenomena during Statnamic Load Testing 1996
. Statnamic Simulation 1995
. Comparison of Statnamic Load Test and Static Load Tests at the Rotterdam Harbour 1995
. Verwendung von Statnamischen Probelastungen in Deutschland 2005
. Statnamic-Probebelastungen in Deutschland (171 kB) 2001
. Statnamic, eine Alternative (128 kB) 1995
TNOWAVE . 30 Years of Experience with the Wave Equation Solution Based on the Method of Characteristics (839 kB) 2005
. 30 Years of Experience with the Wave Equation Solution Based on the Method of Characteristics, focused on Sonic Integrity Signal Testing (1185 kB) 2005

. Thirty Years of Experience with StressWave Simulation Applications Based on Method of Characteristics (TNOWAVE)

DLTWAVE . The Reliability of DLTWAVE 2007
Goldemberg, H., Goldemberg, J.J., Correlation between DLT and SLT – Case Histories 2000
Tchepak, S., Dynamic and Sonic Pile Integrity Testing
– A Contractor’s Experience
Niekerk, W.J. van, Ramler, J.P.G., Kort, P. de, Dynamic and Static Loading Tests for Bridges in Surinam  2000
Kawabata, N., Hayashi, M., Wakiya, Y., Kobayashi, Y., Nishimura, S., Simultaneous Loading Tests of Steel Piles by Dynamic and Static Methods 1994



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