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HASP-software protection key*

for PDA/DLT and TNOWave

Q. I have problems with my software protection HASP key. Where can I find more information?
A. For general problems please visit the website of the SafeNet Sentinel Customer service on www.sentinelcustomer.gemalto.com.

Regarding the drivers for the latest WIN OS: download
"Sentinel HASP LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer version HASP4 version 7.41". You can download it here. Then follow the steps below:
Please log in as Administrator on your PC.
Uninstall any old HASP key drivers. Click Windows Start > Control Panel > Software and remove the HASP key driver.
Install the downloaded HASP driver. Please note: Do not place the HASP key in the USB port while installing the driver!
After installation place the HASP key in the USB port, the driver will then be initialized and the Profound PC software can be run.

Concerning lost keys or problems with the unique code, please send an e-mail to support@profound.nl
PC software Q. Where can I look up the software version of the PC software I am currently using?
A. Open the PC software and look up the version in the About box of the Help menu of the software program.
System software Q. Where can I check the version of the Profound system software?
A. Switch the system on. In the opening screen the version number will appear. With the VIBRA-series select the menu option VIBRA info in the main menu.
SIT-professional (model before 2010)

Q. The SIT-A card is not detected by my laptop. Can I install the SIT-A card including ELAN-driver manually?
A. Yes, in rare occasions your Windows laptop does not automatically detect the SIT-ELAN card as new hardware. You can contact us for a short manual in *.pdf-format how to solve this problem.
SIT-professional (model before 2010)

Q. Can I run the SIT-professional A software program on WIN7?
A. The SIT-professional is supported up to WINXP/Vista. The following options are possible solutions for WIN7 that have been successfully used by SIT professional users:
Option 1:
a) Download the latest driver of the HASP key "Command Line Run-time Installer" via sentinelcustomer.safenet-inc.com/sentineldownloads/
b) Install the driver for the HASP key (run as administrator) commando haspdinst.exe /i
After installation of the driver, you can insert the USB HASP key in the computer.
c) Install the SIT software SIT 7.4x (also run as administrator).
When starting the software you need to give in the license code.
After confirming the license code, the program should start.

Option 2: you can set up a virtual PC that runs XP. For instance look at: www.virtualbox.org or www.microsoft.com

The new SIT-series, released in 2010, do work with WIN7/WIN8/WIN10.

SIT-heavy duty (model before 2010)
and VM-system (model before 2005)
Q. I don't have a RS232 port on my laptop anymore. How can I connect the older SIT or VM systems (SIT-heavy duty or the VM-system) to my laptop?
A. You can use a USB-to-RS232 serial converter to connect the SIT-heavy duty or the VM-system to your PC. For example the Sitecom CN104 version: V4 002.

Please note that most USB-to-RS232 converters are installed on a COM-port with a number 5 or higher. The SIT software only supports COM-port 1 and 2.
Depending on the type of USB-to-RS232 converter you can change the port number with a configuration program on the driver cd or with the device manager.Please start the device manager via the Control Panel, double click the System icon, select the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button. In the device manager you can find the USB-to-RS232 convertor in the "Ports (COM & LPT)" subtree. Double click on the USB-to-RS232 port and select the second tab (port configuration), click the Advanced button and change the port number.
VIBRA-series Q. Where can I find more information about the vibration standards?
A. For more info about:
- DIN 4150 and DIN45669, click here.
- Dutch SBR A, B, C, visit www.sbr.nl
ASTM standards, visit www.astm.org

* a HASP-key is used in combination with PDA/DLT-systems, TNOWAVE software.



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